Sign Options: Color, Artwork, Border, Corners

Base/Text Color

Match Your House

Select from among these background colors.


Personalize Your Sign

Add hand painted artwork for a refined look.

Sign Border

Add a touch of style

Add a painted border around any hand painted sign.

Options: Color, Artwork, Border, Cutout Corners, Additional Text

Customize your hand painted wood sign with an optional background or text color, artwork, painted border or french corners. Options are an additional cost to the sign's base price. Choose from these in-stock color options for background color, add line art or custom artwork, add a border, cutout corners, or extra text to your hand lettered painted sign.

Background (Base) Colors

Choose from among these three optional background colors we have in-stock. Choosing Ivory, Moonshine or Butter Up adds $20 to the sign cost. Or choose your own background color for $40 additional (send us a Sherwin Williams color code).

sign color ivory

sign color moonshine

sign color butterup

Below is a color swatch of the standard "antique white" color we use for all our signs unless another color option is requested. Beneath it is a swatch of no color for comparing the standard Westhighland White.

sign color westhighland white

sign color no color

Text Color

Painting text with brushes in the old fashioned signwriting style is best done with a dark color paint. For this reason we work mostly with jet black as our standard. Standard options are dark blue or dark brown, for an additional cost of $20. White or light colored painted text requires more labor. Feel free to email us for a quote based on the text for your sign for any other color choice.

Custom Artwork or Line Art

We can hand painted most basic line art of simple illustrations or artwork. Please email us to discuss your specific requests. Be prepared to email us an image of the artwork (jpg, gif, pdf, png format preferred) Custom artwork adds at least $35 to the sign base cost, and the final price depends on complexity and number of colors.

painted sign borderSign Borders

Add a painted border around the perimeter of the sign surface or on the routed edge of the sign. Painted borders adds $20 to the sign base price for a single-sided sign or $35 for a double-sided sign. An Edge Border (signboard edge and routed section painted but not on sign surface) is $30 per side.

Note that only the Cedar Camelback sign includes a border in the sign base price and is mentioned explicitely in the sign product description.

French Corners

French corners can be added to any rectangular or square cedar sign made in our sign shop. French corners are not recommended for smaller double-sided or two-sided hanging signs where the placement of the eye hooks interferes with the cutouts. French corner option adds $25 for a one-sided sign, $40 for a two-sided sign.


Extra Line of Text / Additional Text

We try not to be picky about the amount of text that can be hand lettered on our signs. Generally, three lines of hand painted lettering is included on most standard signs (first line a top line with "The", "Built by" or similar). If your sign text requires an additional line, an additional charge of $35 will be added to the sign base price. Additional text charges are at our sole discretion based on the extra layout and labor.


View the Sign Gallery

View our online sign gallery and hand painted font guide or Instagram for @HandPainted_WoodSigns or our Facebook Page for Hand Painted Wood Signs to see more examples of our sign options and capabilities. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean that we can't do it. Feel free to email us your requests.