How to Install & Care for an Exterior Sign from

Below are instructions for the mounting and installation of a sign from When your sign package arrives, unpack it immediately to allow the sign to "breathe" until you mount it. The clear coat we apply is dry to the touch but actually takes up to 30 days to fully cure to it's complete hardness. Be very careful to not scuff the finish during installation. Read and follow all instructions below to mount your exterior house-mounted sign.

Hand Painted Wood Historic House Sign Care

Your hand painted sign has a UV-protective clear coat to protect the paint finish, the lettering and the wood beneath the coatings. Examine your sign every six months to keep it clean and free from dirt and grime. Apply household funish polish sprayed on a clean rag to keep a coat of wax on the sign to bead moisture. This will ensure the longest lasting sign finish. Watch the video that I made to demonstrate how to care for your hand painted wood sign. More Videos

Installing Your Hand Painted Wood Sign

Where to position the sign?  Where it will greet visitors, can be seen from the street (if possible), where it will announce the history of your house! I also recommend placing the sign is a place that visitors need to pass it to enter the house, if possible. Should you have any questions, please email me at


Double-Sided Hanging Signs:

For double-sided hanging signs only: Your sign or bracket package is packed with mounting screws and quick links included in the packaging, often taped to the back of a promotional postcard. Please watch for it in the packaging. Measure the height for the bracket, and mark with a pencil the positions of the mounting screws. Pre-drill the mounting holes with a power drill and a drill bit smaller in diameter than the screws. Start with one top screw hole and sink the screw to secure the bracket before you predrill the remaining mounting holes. Unscrew the quick links fully so that the widest possible opening has been created. Loop the links through the eye hooks of the bracket first and done so that the link's cap screws down onto the threaded part of the link. With both quick links on the bracket.


One-Sided Wall or House-Mounted Signs:

The following instructions are for mounting of wall-mounted one-sided signs only.

Your sign is pre-drilled and is packaged complete with the following items in the packaging of the sign:
Quantity 2 - #8 x 2-1/2 inch Phillips head deck screws; Quantity 2 – 3/8 inch wood buttons.

We recommend that you cover the sign front face with cardboard with holes cut out to access the mounting holes in the sign. Best to protect the sign surface with cardboard. Any scuffs or marks created during installation will void any claim for failure of the top coat finish.

Tools required for installation (not included):
Phillips head screwdriver (recommended) or cordless drill with Phillips head bit. Latex caulk or thick glue to secure wood buttons. Cotton swabs or clean cloth. NOTE: If you are using a cordless drill, start with it but swich to the screwdriver to hand tighten. In any case, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN the screws into the board.

  1. Determine the position / placement of the sign on the house siding. Keep the sign in position with one hand (or a helper’s hands).
  2. Insert a screw into the left side hole and sink the screw partially into the surface till the screw begins to take hold. 
  3. Insert a screw in the right side hole and sink the screw partially until it begins to take hold.
  4. Return to the left screw and continue to tighten but not completely.
  5. Repeat switching from left to right screws until both are tightened and submerged below the surface to a depth of about ¼-inch as to allow the wood button to seat completely in the hole. DON'T OVERTIGHTEN.
  6. Apply a dab of latex caulk (preferred) or thick glue to the bottom of the button and insert in hole. This will reduce the chance of moisture getting inside the screw hole. Apply hand pressure only on the button to completely seat the button, do not use a hammer which may crack the paint surface on the button and/or the sign surface itself.
  7. IMPORTANT: Completely seat the button and wipe off any excess caulk or glue. Cotton swabs are good.
  8. ALERT: Using the wood buttons is REQUIRED. Failure to place the wood buttons in the screw holes is the worst possible mistake you can make. While both the front and back of the sign are fully primed, painted, and sealed, the interior of the pre-drilled screw hole is not. Moisture can get into that small space and affect the wood from the inside out. Failure to use and seat the wood buttons fully voids any future claim whatsoever.


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