Gift a Sign. Let Them Decide Shape, Font, Text

Give a gift card for Holidays, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, New House- a perfect solution:

  • For Valentine's Day, we will also send you a computerized layout with sample text to enhance the gift giving experience. See an example below.

  • Allows the recipient full decision making of sign shape, size, font, sign options and text. Allows recipient to be part of the process, and "approve" text before lettering.

  • Eliminates the uncertainty of a customized, personalized gift.

  • Immediate gift card fulfillment provides a convenient no-hassle and fast solution for gift giving.

  • Gift cards offered in any amount you choose; provides complete flexibility.

Please read the Gift Card procedures below. Email Us at with any questions.


hand painted signs gift cards

  1. Click here to access Square Gift Cards. Link opens new window.
  2. Pick your gift card amount or select "Custom" to enter any amount.
  3. Enter your purchase details.You do not need a Square account.
  4. After payment is processed online, the gift card will be emailed to you or the recipient (as you indicate) on the date you select.
  5. The recipient can redeem the certificate by contacting us to help select their sign and specs, and redeem the card.


Sign Layout Example

For holilday gift card orders, we will create a layout for presentation along with the gift card. Contact us by email after purchasing your gift card to provide sample text for the sign. An example of a layout is below.

historic house sign layout

Redeeming Your Gift Card


  1. Begin the redemption process by viewing our web site and selecting the sign size and shape you want.
  2. Email us at to provide your sign preference, text, and gift card code.
  3. Provide your shipping address.
  4. If a balance is due, we will generate an invoice for the balance of the amount of your purchase, with your gift card amount deducted. Note: shipping and options are not included in the sign prices listed on the web site.


Terms and Exclusions


  1. Gift cards and fundraiser certificates must be redeemed within 6 months from date of issue, a strict policy with no exceptions so that we are not fulfilling gift card orders at the following year's holiday rush.
  2. Cannot be combined with any other offer, special pricing, or sale.
  3. Amount of certificate is deducted from the regular displayed price listed on the web site.
  4. No refunds or credits whatsoever, in any kind or manner.
  5. Not transferrable, can only be redeemed by the person to whom issued.
  6. Shipping not included in the sign price displayed on the site.

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