Custom Outdoor Hanging Two-Sided Hand Painted Signs

hand painted cedar french corner historic house sign
Custom Size and Shape Exterior Hanging Signs

We design and make custom size and shape hand painted wood outdoor signs with artwork for house or property. Only hand painted with brushes, not carved or computer generated. Outdoor exterior signs require specialized materials, design and workmanship -- our expertise. We can make genuine reproduction signs from old photos.


As sign makers, we take pride in crafting the perfect sign to meet your custom specifications. All the signs you see in the custom sign gallery below were designed & made with 5/4" thickness western red cedar plank by the signmakers in our sign workshop. I cannot stress enough the importance we place on component priming of all cedar surfaces before assembly of the sign. We only use freehand layout and hand paint each sign using brushes and traditional signwriting methods in many hand painted fonts and sign options.


If you are interested in a custom sign, click to Start Order Inquiry and we will be happy to prepare a quote for you.


Our exterior custom hand painted signs are displayed nationwide as:

  • Property & Driveway Entry Signs
  • Estate & Manor Entry Signs, Directional Signs, Private Road / Entry Signs
  • National Historic Register Signs & Historic Preservation Sign Projects
  • Personalized Family Established Signs
  • Business Name & Merchant Signs
  • Cottage, Beach House, Vacation House, Mountain House Signs


Custom Sign Features

solid cedar french stack

Solid Cedar

5/4" Thickness for Strength

Mildew-resistant tanins

hand lettered with brushes fonts

All Hand Painted

Brush Lettered

High Quality Lettering Enamels

exterior outside display signs

Protective Clear Coating

Moisture-Proof Barrier

High Quality Sealer Extends Lifetime

hand painted cedar rectangle  historic house signs


Custom Hanging Sign Specifications


Our custom hanging signs are hand crafted from solid 5/4" thickness Western Red Cedar plank. We also offer hanging sign scroll brackets needed to mount your hanging sign. Sign Options and shipping are additional.

Ordering By Email To Begin Process

First, read our Ordering FAQ for complete details. Then Email us to Start Order Inquiry. Provide the as much detail as you wish or attach any images of the location for the sign, or an image of a sign you are wanting to reproduce.

Traditional Signwriting is Perfect Match for Custom Exterior Outdoor Signs

Please email us at to discuss your custom outdoor wood hand painted sign. Provide as much detail as you wish and attach any images of the location for the sign, or an image of a sign you are wanting to reproduce. Our other contact information is on the Contact Page. See our Ordering Page for details on ordering a custom wood sign.