Solid Cedar Wood Historic House Signs

Hand Painted, Historically Accurate Historic Reproduction Signs Lettered with Brushes Using Traditional Signwriting Methods.


  • Handcrafted from solid "five-quarter" thickness Western Red Cedar in our sign shop
  • Pick your choice of hand painted fonts done with brushes and pleasing to the eye.
  • Made with decades of experience, from the burnishing all edges to hand sanding all surfaces, to applying all primers and top coats with brushes;
  • Accurate reproductions of historic house signs common throughout New England and the original 13 Colonies.
hand painted cedar oval historic house sign
Cedar Sign Plaques Freshly Cut

Cut from 5/4-inch vertical grain Western Red Cedar, our solid cedar historic house signs are hand painted as one-sided signs below and two-sided signs. The solid cedar 5/4, or "five-quarter" (1-1/4 inches) starting thickness signs shown here are cut and routed in our sign shop, primed with high-quality oil-based wood primer, multiple top coats painted and hand lettered with your custom text in a hand lettered font selected from our Font Guide. We offer these specific sizes and shapes in-stock. See Custom Size/Shape Signs page if you need a custom size. Learn more about cedar sign advantages and cedar vs. MDO. Customize your sign with these Sign Options for background color, artwork, borders and corners.


Cedar House Sign Features

solid cedar french stack

Solid Cedar

Naturally Long Lasting

Mildew-resistant tanins

hand lettered with brushes fonts

All Hand Painted

Brush Lettered

High Quality Lettering Enamels

exterior outside display signs

Protective Clear Coating

Moisture-Proof Barrier

High Quality Sealer Expands & Contracts

cape cod edgartown historic house signs


Our Cedar Historic House Signs, Standard In-Stock


View the sign product pages to choose from among these standard shape & size signs in-stock and ready to hand letter. Designed for mounting on the wall of the house near the front entry or side corner. Price includes standard Westhighland white background color, three lines of custom text hand lettered black enamel with brushes on one side, mounting screws and matching wood buttons. See the Sign Options page regarding artwork, colors and more options. Options and shipping are additional. To place an order, begin by emailing us at . See our Ordering Page for full details on ordering a custom wood sign.


hand painted cedar french corner historic house sign

French Corner Cedar Rectangle Historic House Signs

See our french corner hand painted signs page with complete specs, pricing and many french corner sign images.


hand painted cedar camelback historic house sign

Camelback Cedar Historic House Signs

See our camelback hand painted signs page with complete specs, pricing and many camelback sign images.


hand painted cedar oval historic sign

Oval Cedar Historic House Signs

See our oval cedar hand painted signs page with complete specs, pricing and many oval cedar sign images.


hand painted cedar rectangle historic house sign

Classic Rectangle Cedar Historic House Sign

Visit our cedar rectangle hand painted signs page detailing the various cedar rectangle sign sizes we now offer.


cedar square historic house sign hand painted

Square Cedar Historic House Sign

Cedar square in two sizes: 12" square and 9" square. Visit our cedar square hand painted signs page detailing the various rectangle sizes we now offer. We can make custom square sizes by request.


hand painted house shape historic sign

House Shaped Cedar Historic House Sign

The signmaker's favorite historic house sign to create, see the House-Shaped hand painted sign page for specs, price, and photos.

Ordering By Email To Begin Process

Please email us at to discuss your cedar historic house hand painted sign. Provide as much detail as you wish and attach any images of the location for the sign, or an image of a sign you are wanting to reproduce. Read our Ordering FAQ for complete details.