Why a Hand Painted Sign Blog?

Why start blogging about hand painted wood signs? That was the question I asked myself when my wife suggested that a do a blog. Sounded like more work.

But the next day, I was speaking to a sign customer for whom I made a cedar oval sign for his historic house in New York, and he mentioned that he doesn’t do Facebook. Alas, my reason for a blog — to reach my customers who do not use Facebook. ¬†

Then I thought of some more upsides:

  • More flexibility in the upload and discussion of hand painted signs Ive done;
  • All content is within my own domain, handpaintedwoodsigns.com ;
  • Encourages reader comments and interaction;
  • Don’t need a user account to comment;
  • Much of the decision-making for selecting a sign size, shape and text is routine, and by posting the process in a blog format may help educate future sign customers better and in less time.

And so it was born. Welcome to the sign blog for HandPaintedWoodSigns.com