We Cut (Perfect) Corners

For our custom-made frenchcornerpilecedar french corner rectangle house plaques, we cut corners.

Four corners in fact.

A good corner cut is one where both sides are the same length. Looking just at the cut signboard itself can be a little deceiving. cedar plankWe start from 5/4″ thickness Western Red Cedar, seen here.  Then mark out the radius of the french corner cutout. Mark and make the cuts. 

The height of the board may be 10″ or 12″ and the length longer at 15″, and even to me, the cutout french corner doesn’t look perfectly pleasing to the eye. Upon measuring the cutout corner, both sides measure identical,

The final dimension of the corner cutout depends on the length and height of the cedar sign board we are making. Generally though it is more or less an inch.

french corner cedar house plaquesFrench Stack

This is what I call this stack of french corner historic house plaques, finely routed with a Roman Ogee edge. Current french corner cedar signs are being routed with a radius edge that we like a lot. But if you are willing to wait longer, I will edge one like this for you.

What Matters Mostfrench corner rectangle hand painted

No matter what the routed edge, it’s really a testament to the “five-quarter” thickness of the solid cedar plank that allows the height of the profile. The final result is a beautifully framed plaque surface that invites the historical information to be hand lettered using traditional sign writing methods.

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