Shipping Zone Estimator

Use this page to determine your shipping distance and estimate shipping costs.

We use USPS Priority with tracking for all of our sign package deliveries. USPS has been extremely reliable for us and we have had no delivery issues in the 17 years we have been using USPS Priority.

We offer a flat-rate shipping and handling fee of $10 (most standard signs) if you are within 3 zones of our location; and $15 flat rate (most cedar signs) if within 3 zones of Medford.

Beyond 3 zones, additional shipping cost is applied according to the USPS Calculator. We do not “pad” the shipping cost like many other competitors.

To calculate your estimated zone of delivery FROM Medford NJ 08055, view the image below of┬áthe USPS zone chart. FInd your zip code range beginning with the first three numbers of your zip code. Then locate to the right the USPS zone corresponding with your zip code range. For example, Bloomfield CT 06002 is in the range 057—065 and is zone 3 from Medford NJ.

Determine your shipping zone distance from Medford NJ, our location.