best historic society marker program annapolis
Dr. Upton Scott House circa 1763-1765, Annapolis MD

So your historic society wants to start an historic house marker program. Want to model your historic society’s program after one of the best I’ve seen? Look at the fantastic program at Historic Annapolis, Maryland. In this blog, I will display the six marker program that Historic Annapolis offers homeowners to select from based on the age and architectural style of their historic houses.

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Annapolis was founded in 1650, became Maryland’s capital in 1695, and is one of the earliest Baroque town plans in America. We have done national landmark signs close to Annapolis in Ann Arundel County.

Historic Annapolis initiated the Historic Building Marker Program in 1969. Two things stand out and make this my pick as best historic marker program I’ve seen. Today there are over 260 markers on buildings.

Six “Architectural Storytelling” Historic Markers

Six different marker styles are offered — which I think does the best at educating not only the circa year but also the architectural style of the historic buildings. Below is the six variations of the Historic Annapolis Building Markers. can reproduce this type of marker program in full or in part. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Architectural Guide to Annapolis Historic Building Markers

best historic society marker program annapolis

My Favorite Annapolis Historic Building

The Dr. Upton Scott House is my personal favorite on the Annapolis Walking Tour. The green Greek Revival historic marker is displayed to the left of the front entrance. I love the architectural features of the Greek Revival style. And its brick!

The Upton Scott House was completed in 1765 on the quiet Shipwright Street behind the Charles Carroll House. After visiting the Carroll House, walk through the back entrance of the parking lot, and the Scott House sits on the right. The block-long Shipwright Street might be my favorite street in historic Annapolis, and rivals Philadelphia’s Alfreth’s Alley in my humble opinion.


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